Pre-written Fundraising Email

Becoming an “ePhilanthropist” is easy when you use IVG Japan prewritten fundraising email. Copy and personalize the fundraising message below and use it in all of your “ecommunications.” Be sure to include your fundraising goal, noted in the highlighted copy. On behalf of the children you will be helping, thank you!

Subject Line Suggestions:

Help Me Make a Difference
Something Really Important
Together, We Can Move Mountains
A Special Favor…
Do Me a Favor (Well, Not Really Me)

Fundraising Email Copy:


Will you help me Make a Difference?

I find it hard asking someone to make a donation. I guess we all do. But when
IVG Japan asked me to volunteer to raise money to help make kids’ lives better, I knew I had to do it. Wouldn’t you?

The brutal truth is that thousands of children around the world die don’t have proper access to education. These includes lack of infrastructure and technology, for example.

Unfortunately, in many nations, commonplace solutions are out of reach for desperate parents trapped in crushing poverty. The good news is that, thanks to supporters like us, Plan can provide programs that enable children to get the proper and modern education thy need and that can change their young lives.
The Yamathon is a special project where people like me contact family and friends asking for donations that will enable Plan International to do even more to help vulnerable kids.

Will you help today? My goal is to inspire my family and friends to help me raise ($$$ insert your personal goal here).An urgently needed gift of $20, $30, or even $50 would be a tremendous help and can make a huge difference in the lives of children in need.
You can donate right now at www.XXXXXXXX.

Even if you don’t donate now, I hope you’ll subscribe to Plan International to understand why this organization and the work they do means so much to me.

Thank you for helping me make life better for these deserving girls and boys.
P.S. For updates on the Yamathon or on Plan International in general, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


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