The Tokyo Yamathon Board Members are a part of the IVG (International Volunteer Group), a group of volunteers who work together to support charities throughout Japan. We have a fantastic relationship with Plan Japan, our official charity partner for the 2016 Tokyo Yamathon, and have previously partnered with initiatives such as NADIA, Oxfam Japan, and Movember. We select dynamic causes who share our vision of seeing the good in doing good.


We aim to increase awareness within Japan on a scope of issues both local and international by coming up with unique ways to raise funds and give support. We are an entirely volunteer-founded group of people from across the globe with a desire to make a real difference!

Tokyo Yamathon Board Members

Joe Pournovin – Founder and CEO

Joe Pournovin –Founder and CEO

I work with the team to create, shape and bring to life unique ideas like Tokyo Yamathon and Sea to Summit, with the purpose of raising as much as money as possible for great causes. It’s an unbelievable feeling to be able to do what we do – empowering our participants by giving them, and indeed ourselves,Read more

Koji Oishi – Head of Operations

Koji Oishi – Head of Operations

By day I work as an engineer but, outside of work I am a classical pianist. Working for IVG gives me a lot of opportunities to meet nice people and help each other to achieve many kinds of goals which, to me, is similar to the way of playing music to interact with many people Read more

Kazumi Nono – Head of Strategy

Kazumi Nono - Head of Strategy

Since 2012 I have been an IVG member of staff focusing particularly in Yamathon events. With much negotiation with the JR and police departments, I have successfully managed to organise and introduce a half Yamathon Read more

Aki Fang – Volunteer Director

Aki Fang – Volunteer Director

I joined IVG five years ago after attending an interesting workshop.
Since then, I’ve always been grateful for the opportunity of working with our great team and meeting wonderful people from different countries though IVG.Read more

Aya Ito – Registrations & Promotions

Aya Ito - Registrations & Promotions

I began volunteering for the NGO “Habitat for Humanity” when I was in university. After graduation I worked directly for them and still continue to volunteer with them. I heard about IVG through the Tokyo Yamathon and Sea to Summit events in 2015, and through them met many wonderful people who either organised or volunteered,Read more

Claire Scott – Photography & Social Media

Claire Scott - Photography & Social Media

I took part in the first ever Tokyo Yamathon back in 2010 and, in 2014, when I heard that the event was in need of a photographer, I jumped in and haven’t looked back. It sometimes feels like we do more for our events than we do for our day jobs but the feeling of accomplishment when everything comes together,Read more

Heena Sinha – Program Manager

Heena Sinha - Program Manager

After working for over five years in Investment Banking in India, I realised I am passionate about bringing about positive change in the world, working with a talented group of people who are equally passionate. IVG is exactly the group I was looking for. I was amazed by their infective energy and joined them the very moment I met them. Read more


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The IVG is always looking for great people to join our team to expand our initiatives. If you are interested in learning more please contact Joe Pournovin on our contact form.