Improving school environment in Thuong Hoa commune in Vietnam!


IVG is proud to partner with Plan International. 100% of your team registration will go to Plan International. Let’s fundraise 5 million yen and build two classrooms for a school in Vietnam!


How will your donations from the Yamathon will be used?

Your donations will be used for improving the environment of a school in Thuong Hoa commune in Vietnam.

Outline of the project

Project name: Improving school environment in Thuong Hoa commune in Vietnam.

Location: Ra Mai village, Thuong Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province

Beneficiaries: 209 students of primary school (age 6-14)

Duration: 1 year


Vietnam basic data

Indicator Situation
Number of inhabitants 93,450,000
Life expectancy 76
Maternal mortality ratio 54%
Under-5 mortality rate 22%
Primary school completion rate 90%
Youth literacy rate 94%


※UNICEF “The State of the World’s Children”



Since 2000, Vietnam’s economic growth rate has been among the highest in the world. In the meantime, concerns in part reflect the substantial differences in economic conditions between cities and rural areas in mountainous region where many ethnic groups live in. The official national language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. Since Vietnamese is the second language of ethnic minority people, their Vietnamese skills including writing and reading is very poor. This situation has contributed to the gap between the wealthy and the poor in Vietnam.


At the target school in Ra Mai Village, they now have 7 classrooms for 9 classes grade 1-9 of which 3 are temporary rooms. The 3 temporary classrooms are used by 52 students of grade 2, 3 and 4. Due to lack of classrooms, all children of this school have half-day schooling, while MOET’s (The Ministry of Education and Training) curriculum requires full-day schooling – receiving half of what any other student in the cities would normally receive, and in the process, giving them severe disadvantages for their future.


There are also no toilet facilities for students – they go home to use the bathroom or practice open defecation. Open defecation harms hygiene conditions around the school and causes students’ illness. Having no toilets at school is especially hard for teenage girl students. It has been proved that lack of toilet facilities at school causes a lot of drop-out cases with girls.


Project Objectives


Primary school children in Ra Mai village, Thuong Hoa commune have the safe learning environment and are able to access to water and sanitation facilities and the IT subject.



  • Construction of 2 classrooms at school
  • Construction of a latrine separated for girls and boys at school
  • Provision of classroom equipment for these 2 new classrooms
  • Provision of computers for pupils to learn and practice the IT subject


Photos of current classrooms

To inspire YOU to take initiative

Using Yamathon as a platform to raise even more money.

The Yamathon has always and will always be a fundraising challenge. Of course 100% of your team registration fee goes to Plan International Japan. We will be able to help improve a school in Vietnam with 5 million yen. We want YOU to take action.


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