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This year, our goal is to build a brand new IT facility for a school in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to raise a minimum of 6.5mJPY. (Last year we raised 3.6milionJPY) In order to achieve this two times bigger goal, we will need all the help we can get. Therefore, in addition to the team registration fee, all teams must create a Japan Giving page and raise an additional 10,000JPY.

Moreover, our aim is not just to raise money, but to also raise awareness and bring you and the people who donate to your team challenge closer to Sri- Lanka and this amazing school we are helping. In order to get started, follow steps 1,2 and 3 below:

JapanGiving Registration Guide

Step 1

Make your team’s JapanGiving account

Create your account on JapanGiving
(If you already have a JapanGiving account, go to Step 2)

JapanGiving registration

Step 2

Start fundraising 10,000JPY at JapanGiving

After logging in JapanGiving, go to the Yamathon Challenge Page and create your team’s fundraising project.

· The Fundraising title should be the same as your team name.
· Closing date: Friday, May 5th
· Target amount: 10,000 yen

Tokyo Yamathon 2017 project on JapanGiving

Step 3

Payment on Peatix

  1. Log in to the Peatix website
  2. Get Ticket for your team (one ticket per team)
  3. Fill in your team details
  4. ※Please put your team name as same as your Fundraising Title in JapanGiving.

  5. Fill in the URL of your JapanGiving fundraising project page you created earlier in Step 1
  6. ※It’s not a preview page’s URL

  7. Finally as a last step, make a payment of 10,000JPY towards registration fee. (100% will go to Plan International’s Sri Lanka Project)

Tokyo Yamathon 2017 Peatix Website

Change requests

Change requests

To change your team details, fill in the blanks where you need to change here

Change requests

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