Things to Know

Event Details

This year, we have split all teams into blocks. Block A, B, C, D, and E.

All team members MUST remember your block and team number. Your block and team number will be given to you in an email.

For the registration in the morning, only one entrance will be available to participants – Yurakucho/Tokyo International Forum entrance.

Electronic Sensor

All team leaders will receive an electronic chip. Please tie this electronic chip on to your shoelace. When you exit the building, the sensor at the door will automatically give you a start time. All team leaders must return electronic sensors to the venue.

*Half Yamathoners can give their electronic chip at the half-Yamathon finishing tent at Mejiro Station.

Coin Lockers

There are no coin lockers in the venue. However, there are coin lockers in JR Tokyo Station.


During the challenge, team leaders must take a photo of their team outside all 29 stations to complete the challenge. If you cannot show ALL 29 photos at the finish line, we will not give you an official rank.

Share your photos! We’d love to see them. When you share to social media simply include the hashtag #yamathon in your post. If you want to give us a mention, our handles are: Facebook ‘Tokyo Yamathon’, Twitter ‘#Yamathon’, Instagram ‘@IVGJapan’.

Facebook: Tokyo Yamathon, Twitter: #Yamathon, Instagram @IVGJapan


08:15 – 08:45 teams arrive for registration
08:45 – 09:00 Opening Ceremony
09:00 – Block A released
09:05 – Block B released
09:10 – Block C released
09:15 – Block D released
09:20 – Block E released

22:30 – Event close
Note: If you are still walking after 21:30, please contact one of the Emergency Contacts on your team number.

Navigating The Course

Please note that part of the challenge of The Yamathon is finding the short cuts and back streets that will save you time between stations. The maps provided are meant only as a guide so we encourage you to do some research beforehand.

Remember, you must visit all 29 of the Yamanote Line stations and take a photo of your team in front of each one to complete the Yamathon.

For those of you with smartphones please visit this link for our guide map –

Guide Map

As team leader, please ensure that you are contactable in case of emergency. If need be, use another team member’s phone for navigation to preserve your own battery.


While walking / jogging, please be very careful in using your smartphone as this can cause accidents
Walk in single file and do not obstruct other pedestrians/cyclists
Walk on the pavement/sidewalk where present
No pavement/sidewalk – walk on the right-hand side, facing on-coming traffic.
When heading to busy areas such as Harajuku, Shibuya, please walk.
Obey all traffic laws and signals.
Obey any instructions given by police
Do not take shortcuts through private property such as temples, shrines, parks, parking lots and so on.


No alcohol or sugary drinks to be allowed in the venue.