What is The Yamathon?
The Yamathon is a charity challenge organized by International Volunteer Group (IVG), where teams of three or four people walk around the 30 stations of Tokyo’s JR Yamanote line, in less than 12 hours, and take pictures of their team at each one of the stations. The Yamanote line is Japan’s busiest and most important commuter rail line which circles the capital.
Why do teams have to have 3 to 4 members?
For safety reasons (overcrowding on footpaths, etc.) , the team size is limited to a maximum of 4 people. We realize that it may be a problem for some people to get a team of 4 people together, so to make it easier to join our event you can even apply with 1 member!
How much is it to take part in Your Yamathon?

 It is 14,000 per team

The full amount of this mandatory donation will be donated to the charity partner NPO Yokohama Children’s Hospice. 

When is the registration closing date?

The deadline for team registration is from September 12th to December 10th, 2021, depending on your selected Your Yamathon day.

Where is the start/finish point?

Your starting / finishing point will be whichever JR Yamanote Line station you decide to start from.

How long will it take?

A gentle walking pace would probably take about 12 hours, depending on how well your team plan the route.

Will we have access to a map?
Smartphone users will be sent an online Google map before the event. However, the suggested route is really just a guide to help you plan a course. You are allowed to make as many shortcuts as long as you visit all 30 stations.

Part of the challenge is navigating for yourself!

Can our team run?

The Yamathon is not a marathon event, therefore, we do not encourage running. If you do jog, please follow the traffic rules whenever necessary. Obey all traffic laws and traffic signals. Obey any instructions given by police. There will be no road closures and teams will use the everyday pavements (sidewalks) of Tokyo alongside other road users. You must follow our safety guidelines and all team members must finish together as a team.

Will our team be disqualified if we do not complete the Yamathon in 12 hours?

12 hours is a target time and something to aim for. You will not be disqualified if you do not complete the Yamathon in 12 hours.

How long is the Yamanote route?

Those who are navigational geniuses may complete the event in 38km. Others who follow the train line may take 44km. It really depends on which route you take. We encourage shortcuts, as long you take a photo outside all 30 stations!


What is the difference between the previous Tokyo Yamathon's and this year’s Your Yamathon?

-In 2021, we are changing the event to be safer due to the current pandemic. We have decided to not have a normal Yamathon day event. There will be no venue, no cheering, and no live volunteers.

-Instead, we have decided to make October – December as “Your Yamathon”. You will be able to register when you want to walk, anytime during these months. 

-While we hope to not have to, we do keep the option to cancel entirely should the cases of Covid-19 get worse in Tokyo.

-To gather the information from the teams and manage registrations, we have teamed up with Sports Entry this year, making it easier to register and upload your information online.

Can you change your walking date?
The added flexibility of your Yamathon is the possibility of changing the date (or member), but it needs to be done in advance to match the registration deadline which will be provided to you. This is for your team package to reach you in time and also be covered by the event’s insurance.
When is the deadline for Your Yamathon entry?

The last day to register for Your Yamathon will be September 12th – December 10th. This advance date is to make sure you will receive your participant package with your number cards before the event.

When will I receive our official ranking?

The rankings will be officially released after all teams have completed Your Yamathon, information submitted properly and verified by the organizers.

If I have difficulty registering a team, who can I contact?

– For any enquiries, please contact our event support team at Sports Entry on the following email address: https://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/inquiry/en

– For Japanese language  https://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/inquiry  

If I found the date mistake right after entry and payment, is it possible to cancel this entry?

It special cases, such as a mistake after registration, it would be possible to cancel your entry. You can do this by contacting our event support team at Sports Entry on the following: https://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/inquiry/en


What is IVG?
Founded in 2007, the International Volunteer Group (IVG) is, like its name states, an international group of volunteers made up of multiple nationalities living in Japan.

Yes! We come from Japan, UK, Canada, India, US, Australia, and a host of other countries.

And, Yes! We are volunteers – we work hard to come up with fantastic ideas to raise funds for people and projects that need them.

Why is IVG Japan supporting Yokohama Children's Hospice Project?
In Japan, there are approximately 20,000 children with incurable LLTC such as paediatric cancer, genetic, neurological, or metabolic diseases. Children’s Hospices is a place where children, who fight serious illness, and their families, create smiles and memories, and bring up and protect their dreams. Tokyo Yamathon would like to support the construction of such facilities.