Tokyo Yamathon is organised by IVG Japan (International Volunteer Group). We are a group of volunteers who work together to support charities throughout Japan and select dynamic causes who share our vision of seeing the good in doing good. We aim to increase awareness within Japan on a scope of issues both local and international by coming up with unique ways to raise funds and give support. We are an entirely volunteer-founded group of people from across the globe with a desire to make a real difference!


Joe Pournovin


I work with the team to create, shape and bring to life unique ideas like Tokyo Yamathon and Sea to Summit, with the purpose of raising as much as money as possible for great causes.

Our team, our participants, our sponsors and supporters; it’s an absolute pleasure working with these real-life superheroes. Together we encourage and push each other to think of new ways of changing the world, one fundraising event at a time.

Mitsuhiro Honda

Chief Strategy Officer

I first took part in Tokyo Yamathon as a corporate sponsor in 2014; first as a participant and then as a volunteer. I remember feeling the passion of the IVG members full of fun and so diverse. The more I volunteered, the more I wanted to be involved. So I joined as one of the main organizers.

My role is to ensure our participants enjoy the event in a safe manner as well as working on strategies to attract more corporate sponsors, using my previous experience as a corporate staff, a participant and operating volunteer.

Heena Sinha

Program Manager

After working for over five years in Investment Banking in India, I realised I am passionate about bringing about positive change in the world, working with a talented group of people who are equally passionate. IVG is exactly the group I was looking for.

I was amazed by their infectious energy. Among other ways of contributing to the group, I principally help with sponsorship and fundraising wing of events. It is truly a life-changing experience to witness how the money we have raised has had such positive effects in people’s lives.

Sandip Chamling Rai

IT Director

I joined IVG Japan in 2016 as a website manager and content editor. Shortly after i joined the team, I realized that I was a part of a group who were dedicating their already valuable time and skills to help people all over the world.

This inspired me even more to help the team in any way I could. I manage all websites related to IVG Japan and its events such as Tokyo Yamathon. I also help in creating corporate sponsor banners and certificates for Yamathon participants and volunteers.

Zain Abba


I started working with IVG to record footage for the 2017 Yamathon. During that event I witnessed, firsthand, the magic of the event. It was an amazing experience and it was an part of an event with so many wonderful participants and volunteers.

Since then I have had the pleasure of continuing to work with IVG to produce content in order to increase awareness of what IVG is about and the impact of events, such as Yamathon, have on people. I look forward to seeing you at the next event!


Relations Manager

I experienced passionate volunteer activities for 5+ years during my school life in Japan. After working for a map supplier for 3 years, I thought it was time to get back to my passion again and join a group that consists of members from different countries and contribute to making the world around us a better place to live.

Then I found it, IVG JAPAN, a really lovely team making amazing events! I work on improving relationships and productivity with our charity partner and sponsors. Hope I can see you all!

Bronte Barratt

Social Media Marketing Manager
I have been volunteering around the world and wanted to continue so I joined the team in 2023 to help build the Yamathon’s online platform. I am in charge of all things SNS so don’t forget to tag @tokyoyamathon in all of your posts! I love fitness, fun and volunteering so the Yamathon is a perfect fit for me. I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Liv Hawskworth

Volunteer Director
I am thrilled to be invited to join the organizing committee for the 2023 Yamathon! Having volunteered for large sporting events in England, like triathlons and marathons, I know the buzz and excitement that comes with it. I can’t wait to be part of the Yamathon and be a part of creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. If you are interested in volunteering on the day, please reach out through our volunteer page. Let’s work together to make this an unforgettable day. See you there!

Patrick Loyer

Volunteer Coordinator

I volunteered in 2015 and had a great time as a volunteer. It was a fun day, all cheerful with other volunteers full of energy and seeing everyone pitching in for a good cause. Seeing everyone doing their best, smiling despite the adversity and all the support given by other supporting organizations too made it into a memorable day.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are always open to new members who are willing to help us in this good cause.