Volunteers play a critical role in making Tokyo Yamathon even more meaningful. At the same time, we also want our volunteer members to enjoy themselves through our activities. Please get involved and have fun with us!

*Some roles may require people with expertise in a particular area (for example, photographers, interpreters, etc.)

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Start / Finish Venue
Tokyo TOKIA Bldg. Marunouchi
7:00 – 9:30

Start / Finish Venue
Tokyo TOKIA Bldg. Marunouchi + JR MEJIRO STATION
13:00 – 18:00 / 18:00 – 22:00

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I joined Yamathon in 2016 for the very first time, as I was asked to help the event as a one-day volunteer (just a couple days before the event!!).

I had no idea about the event or what I was expected to do there, but I just jumped in and I thought I would just help the event only once. At the event, I helped tracking team goal records and worked closely with organisers all day, and I was so inspired and moved by not only the goals of the event, but also great passions and affectionate the organisers shared with me. Since then, I joined Yamathon as 1-day volunteer, organisers team, and as a participant every year.

I remember that we spent many weekends and worked 2 or 3am on weekdays for Yamathon when I was in an organisers team. Although we were extremely busy and exhausted, the team was always thoughtful, cared and encouraged each other and this gave us great bond and made us “family”.

I continuously join Yamathon because I really love and admire the people who are so dedicated and working unbelievably hard for this event. And Yamathon is a great opportunity to make someone happy while you enjoy meeting new people, building bond with your friends, and having fun.



In 2018, I joined the Yamathon as a volunteer. By joining as a staff, I experienced how hard it is to make the event exciting and also understood a little about how to work with adults in real society. I cheered and guided the finishing teams, announcing the rankings, and held the finish line tape.

I really enjoyed the tasks so much and worked so hard that others became worried and forced me to take breaks. Through volunteer work, I became aware of what I could do for the society, what skills I could use, and understood that the adult society doesn’t work as I expected. I also realized how great Yamathon was.

At the beginning, I was feeling negative about the whole event. I never understood why people enjoy walking around the Yamanote line. To me, they were just doing it to tire themselves out. However, I saw people in all teams showing happy faces when they finished walking.

I also felt really happy and great that I had waited for my friends who were participating to finish. When I my friends reached Tokyo Station, I walked with them to the finishing point. There. I had a strange sense of feeling that was almost like a dream, but I can’t express more. I think everyone who joined Yamathon shared the similar sense of happiness.